Michael Garate

Software Engineer


Etsy, 2015

Software engineer at Etsy.

Wildcard, 2014

I built a Java SDK for the Wildcard Partner Program. Users of these tools can turn existing content into mobile cards for Wildcard, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. It’s time for a better mobile web!

hackNY Fellow, 2014

hackNY rocks. I lived and worked in NYC for the summer with a group of passionate computer science students and mentors. We hung out, shared skills with each other, and attended a speaker series on the process of founding a startup.


CifraChat, 2014

CifraChat is an open source encrypted communication channel. Each message is encrypted and decrypted client side, meaning the CifraChat server never handles an unencrypted message. Since released under the MIT license, you are encouraged to modify and run your own copy.

flyer penguin, 2014

flyer penguin generates a print-ready flyer from a Facebook event. I built it with my friend Emily for the Spring 2014 hackNY Student Hackathon, where the project won first place. I presented it at the June 2014 New York Tech Meetup.

DAYTES, 2013

I teamed up with Splotch to write this EP exploring electronic and analog sounds. I designed the interactive rainbow grid website so that you can create your own audio-visual experience.

JustRead, 2014

JustRead made the front page of Hacker News, and its Ubuntu server handled the traffic like a champ. Written in Go, this app takes a link to an article and returns a minimal version to read.

Bleep.js, 2014

Bleep.js is a library with asynchronous tone generation for composing music in JavaScript. I made this as a fun weekend project and presented it at NYU DemoDays in April. Try it out!

LoveXTC, 2013

LoveXTC is a Java to C++ translator I wrote in Java with team of NYU students for the OOP class. It supports inheritance, method overriding, method overloading, virtual method dispatch, and basic garbage collection. Woo!